Chat Box, How To Guide!!

Changing name--- Click on your little person beside the funny random name the computer gives you. You will see a box. Click inside the spot called name and type the name you want.


Changeing Your Picture --- Go to the same box as your name , but click on the pictures to travel through them. To see if there are any that you want. There are a about 2000 pictures. If you have a picture that you want to use, just hit the "use your own" button.

What is that Funny House next to my name ?----- If you add a Email , Website or Picture link to your name in the home page spot it will show up as a clickable house next to your name. That way anyone can acess this page.

Color Guide

Yellow = Editor
Blue = Family member
Green = Guest

To do any of the things below you must go to this link.

Once there you will see a index on the left hand side of the chat, this will show you a long list of buttons that will take you to the list below.

This is what the index looks like



Click on the games link , then click the game you want to play. If it is a 2 player game, you have to go into private chat with another person in the chat box. Once you or the other person leave the private chat the game ends.

Games page should look like this


Movies and Pictures

When someone posts a link on the chat box, it will show up in the youtube player. This is a place for you to watch videos or look at pictures.

Youtube player will look like this



You can doodle now with your friends on line , everyone draws on the same paper . So everyone seees what you are each drawing .This is a great place to play some pictonary.

The doodle page will look like this


Extra Smileys

To get extra smileys , you must click on the button with the 4 faces on it.

To put a smiley in your name , click on the smiley you want copy the code and past it in your name. 

The smily page will look like this